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Matt Bell says, “Few story collections cover so much territory, and the ones that try rarely do it so well. Intense, gorgeously written, both funny and heartbreaking, Anatomies will make its obsessions yours, thrilling you with McCarty’s unique vision of the world.”

Jac Jemc says, “The range of Susan McCarty’s stories is so wide, you won’t be able to look in every direction at once. Give yourself up to the thrill of being blindsided again and again.”

Scott Garson says, “These stories are marvels of craft and life: they follow our wordless intensities, opening naturally, from the inside out. What a collection we have in Anatomies. Can I say it again? What a collection.”

Melanie Rae Thon says, “Anatomies is a virtuoso performance by a writer unafraid to strike her readers with despair or destroy them with giddy laughter….If you long to be awakened by the glorious intensity and miraculous expansiveness of human consciousness, let these seductive, revelatory fictions transport you.”

And we say, the time has come: The presale Anatomies has officially begun! We’ve got incentives for every budget, and they cover everything from informative pamphlets to trips to New York to tours of an Iowan alpaca farm. Regardless of which you choose, you will not want to miss this book. Order your copy today!

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