AWP, apt submissions, and October’s Literary Firsts

There’s less than a month left until submissions close for the second print issue of apt. Thereafter, we’ll be announcing submission guidelines for forthcoming online content (prose only and 1000 words or less!), but more news on that in October.

Speaking of October, the year’s final Literary Firsts is just around the corner, so be sure to join us at Middlesex Lounge on October 17 at 7pm when Catherine Parnell, Janaka Stucky, Danielle Dreilinger, and Elizabeth Gormley will wrap up 2011 with a bang.

We’ve got a ton of plans for 2012 though–our first appearance at AWP, the second print issue of apt, and announcements about our next book. This one prose? Wait and see, readers. Wait and see.

Official: They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights

We’ve been dropping hints about Gillian They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights by Gillian DevereuxDevereux’s forthcoming chapbook, They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights, for months. We now have a release date–on Friday, August 26, you can have your very own copy.

The pre-sale will begin tomorrow (get your wallets ready!) and, to accompany the fanfare, we will unveil AP’s first book trailer.

As a taste of things to come, here’s another shot of the sexy cover, as designed by Randolph Pfaff.

AP books in stores and kind words

We’ve been tremendously busy at AP–just wrapped another Literary Firsts reading, and we’re prepping for Gillian’s chapbook and working on the second print issue of apt–but we’ve also been sending out review copies of issue one, as well as getting our titles into stores.

That said, you can now purchase apt at Harvard Bookstore and Trident Booksellers and Underlife and Portico at Brookline Booksmith! These are our favorite local bookshops, so it would thrill us to pieces if you supported our efforts by patronizing their stores.

Also, we now have a Press page! Thanks to all the swell writers/reviewers who’ve said such kind things over the years. It makes us feel loved, if not a little old.

Next Up: They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights by Gillian Devereux

They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights by Gillian DevereuxAforementioned is very proud to present our next title: Gillian Devereux’s They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights. Gillian is a Boston-area poet who received her MFA in poetry from Old Dominion University. Her work has appeared in FOURSQUARE, H_NGM_NOpen Letters, Gargoyle, 32 Poems, and Wicked Alice, among others. We’ve had the pleasure of publishing Gillian’s poetry in apt as well and we’re excited to be working with her on this chapbook. We’ll make a big, splashy announcement as soon as the book is ready and available for purchase.

Vote for Aforementioned!

Because you, our wonderful readers, have always been so supportive of our efforts, we wanted to let you know that Carissa has been nominated for the Boston Phoenix’s Best of Boston as best author and apt has been nominated as best “literary gang.” If you feel inclined to vote for her (and us), you can do so at the following links:

Best author

Best literary gang


Coming very soon: apt

Photo and design credit: Randolph Pfaff

It’s been eight months since the last issue of apt. With our first print issue due out in the next few weeks, we wanted to share a little bit of our progress. The print issue has nearly twenty contributors and runs about 130 pages. We’ve been feeding it a steady diet of granulated pulp magazines from the 60s and shouting intermittent bits of encouragement while watching it run laps. While it likes to think of itself as “issue one,” we like to remind it that it’s actually “issue twenty-five,” and to wipe that smug look off its face. That said, we’d like you to see its face. Just remember, no sudden movements and try to avoid eye contact.

Welcome to the New Aforementioned Website

More content is surely on its way, but for now, all of the necessary bits are here. Check out the menu on the right for more information about us, upcoming events and our publications.

Other goings-on:

The first print issue of apt will be out in January. A new website is forthcoming there as well.

The next installment of Literary Firsts is on January 24th, 2011. More details at

Happy holidays and all that,

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