Staged reading of THE DAUGHTERS


Aforementioned Productions proudly presents a staged reading of “The Daughters,” an original play about women, family, and war, premiering at the Dorchester Fringe Festival!

Portions of the play have been published in CONSEQUENCE, Newfound, and The Massachusetts Review.

The reading will be at 5pm on Saturday, May 18, at the Erick Jean Center for the Arts. The cast will include Lillian Mara Medville, Carissa Halston, Jennifer O’Connor, Timothy Hoover, and Randolph Pfaff.

The play is written and directed by Carissa Halston.
This all-ages event is FREE and open to the public.

Brass tacks details:

Saturday, May 18 at 5pm
Erick Jean Center for the Arts
157A Washington Street
Dorchester, MA

Accessible via public transit on the 16 and 23 bus lines.

We are a non-profit!

Right before AWP, we received news that we’d been very eager to hear. And now we can share it with you!

Aforementioned Productions is now a non-profit corporation!

This is the first step in what we hope will be a big, official year for AP (which will involve getting distribution and releasing a full-length prose collection!). You can help us start it off right by making a tax-deductible donation here.

AWP fun and other news

Boston survived AWP! Even with the snow and the wind and the low visibility!

We, too, survived. See the visual evidence below, including photos from the release party for apt‘s third print annual and our misadventures from the bookfair!

Just in case you’re clamoring for photos and videos from Saturday night’s Literary Firsts reading, all of that is now available at the main LF site.

And, in all the frantic goings-on of the conference and the bookfair, we neglected to mention exciting news. But it’s so important, we feel it really needs its own post. News forthcoming!

Underlife and Portico at Heavy Feather Review

Jordan Sanderson has written an insightful review of the second edition of Underlife and Portico at Heavy Feather Review. An excerpt:

Sensual and visceral, Lynch’s poems are “heavy near bursting.” They recognize but see through the ennui of suburban life, and they unveil a natural world in which we see “[t]he rhyming color of lip and areole,” “night’s starred cartwheel,” and “alleys of sunlight.”

Read the full review here and order your copy here.

Advance praise for Underlife and Portico

We’re ecstatic about this book (and these words). We think you will be too:

“Michael Lynch’s poems are pure vision: language becoming image becoming language again. This is a book of poetry you’ll return to as many times as God has names.” — Rusty Barnes

“These fresh, lively poems, with their playfully sexy turns of phrase (“beestung or g-strung”)—surprisingly poignant (and poignantly surprising)—are a pleasure to read. Just look at “Substantial Fascinators,” a wonderfully original love poem, where for a moment we can forgive even monsters when we remember that there was once a time when they too, like other people we loved, wore flowers in their hair.” — Lloyd Schwartz

Order your copy today!