Past Productions

September 10 and 17, 2005

apt: Issue One
October, 2005

No Shoes Reading: featuring Carissa Halston
December 16, 2005

apt: Issue Two
December, 2005

apt: Issue Three
February, 2006

apt: Issue Four
April, 2006

No Shoes Reading: featuring Jesse Farrell, Jeannie Greeley, Matt Grolnic, Carissa Halston, Michael Lynch, Robin Mork, and Randolph Pfaff
June 17, 2006

apt: Issue Five
June, 2006

apt: Issue Six
August, 2006

apt: Issue Seven
November, 2006

Cleavage script published by AP
January, 2007

apt: Issue Eight (with lovely redesign)
January, 2007

apt: Issue Nine
March, 2007

Non-Fiction Night featuring Josh Cook, Liam Day, Eric Devlin, Jesse Farrell, Jeannie Greeley, Carissa Halston, Pauline Lim, J.F. Lynch, Robin Mork, and Randolph Pfaff
April 12, 2007

apt: Issue Ten
May, 2007

apt: Issue Eleven
July, 2007

AP publishes Carissa Halston's debut novel, A Girl Named Charlie Lester
September, 2007

apt: Issue Twelve
October, 2007

apt: Issue Thirteen
December, 2007

apt: Issue Fourteen
March, 2008

AP publishes graphic novel, Sequentially Yours
April, 2008

apt: Issue Fifteen
May, 2008

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