Easter Eggs

Did you know that the Aforementioned Productions website is very much like a moderately priced DVD?

No, it's not filled with pornography.

But you will find hidden surprises in the pages of the main site as well as apt!

For example, beginning with issue eight, there's been a dedication in each issue of apt.

You should go find them.

Site Key (a.k.a. We Like Nouns)

Home -n.- whence you came
Dramatis Personae -n.- a cast of players, in this case, your hosts
Past Productions -n.- that which came before
apt -n.- an online literary magazine
Legal -n.- obligatory jargon to prevent theft
Store -n.- the easiest way to support us
Links -n.- a list of things we like
Easter Eggs -n.- super special hidden stuff!
Contact -n.- feedback, s'il vous plait