apt: Volume 2, issue 5


“These stories are long, but their language is spare, with no word wasted. The disorderly plots need the space to sort themselves out; or to conclude in an even more thought-provokingly entangled manner than they began.”

— E. Ce Miller, The Review Review

Our first foray into long-form issues, our fifth print annual celebrates long fiction.

Featuring: Colleen Cable’s “The Farmhand,” Elizabeth Chandler’s “Evergreen,” Kendra Fortmeyer’s “The Exposed Nest,” William Hillyard’s “Liberty Bonds,” and Matt Jones’s “The Kissy-Faced Cha Cha.

January 2015
208 pages, trade paperback
ISBN 978-1-941143-04-9
ISSN 2159-2446
PDF: approx 1.3MB


PDF: $6


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