apt: Volume 2, Issue 3

“[apt] has great breadth of voice and style.  This issue soars.”

— Tripp Reade, The Review Review

Featuring: Sue Allison, Alison Baker, Meredith Coonce, Mary Kate Flannery, Faith Gardner, Christian Anton Gerard, Alec Hershman, Rachel Hinton, Katherine Blaine Hurley, Nicolette Kittinger, David Koehn, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Delaney Nolan, Thomas Nowak, Andrew Plattner, Alexis Pope, Nate Pritts, Scott Ragland, Anne Marie Rooney, Amy Schulz, Derek Sugamosto, Denise Warren, and Andy Yeh.



January 2013
162 pages, trade paperback
ISBN 978-0-9823741-7-7
ISSN 2159-2446
PDF: approx 1.3MB

Print: $10

PDF: $5