apt: Volume 2, Issue 2

“Filled from cover to cover with strong, daring pieces… There’s not a single selection in the issue that fades into the background.”

— Sarah Carson, NewPages

Featuring: Maureen Alsop, Julie Baber, Lindsay Coleman, Molly Curtis, Tara Deal, Gillian Devereux, Jaydn DeWald, Nate House, Philip Kobylarz, Breonna Krafft, Jessica Maybury, Robert McNally, Clayton Michaels, Thomas Mundt, Lauren Nicole Nixon, Thomas Nowak, Lam Pham, Eric Rawson, Courtney Cullinan Robb, Noel Sloboda, Matthew Vasiliauskas, Joel Wayne, Russ Woods, and Ashley Zirkle.




January 2012
123 pages, trade paperback
ISBN 978-0-9823741-6-0
ISSN 2159-2446
PDF: approx 1.2MB


PDF: $5