ANATOMIES reviewed in Esquire!

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Susan McCarty’s debut collection received a glowing write-up in Esquire!

“Judging from the wry observations in McCarty’s first short story collection, the author seems like the type of person who would laugh at a funeral–which is a compliment. As McCarty reveals, what’s funny is funny, what’s sad is sad, and personal moments that pang are often both.”

Read the full review here, and don’t forget to order your copy of Anatomies here!

Liam Day at The Mass Poetry Site

I knew that I wanted to connect that to the changing face of Boston. I chose the view of Charlestown from the top of Winter Hill in Somerville to make that connection, because from that vantage you can actually see the layers of history: from Bunker Hill Monument to Schraft’s factory to the Tobin Bridge to newer plants. Inspiration can also sometimes stem from all of the above, image, sound, phrase, and idea all working together.”

Liam Day talks about Afforded Permanence, Boston, the MBTA, and more over at the Mass Poetry site! Check out the full interview here!

Aforementioned at AWP!

AWP event poster_REV2Readers, we’re less than a week from AWP!

If you’re going to the conference, we hope you’ll swing by table 1920 during the book fair and say hello. We’ll be offering apt subscriptions at a discount and back issues for a song, and we’ll be raffling off an ARC of Susan McCarty’s debut collection, Anatomies, to anyone who buys any AP wares during the conference!

Plus, we’ll be tabling with our friends at Little Fiction | Big Truths, and throwing an offsite reading on Thursday night at Lee’s Liquor Lounge, featuring Angela Palm, Amanda Leduc, and our own Carissa Halston for Little Fiction, and have Gillian Devereux, Dolan Morgan, and Susan McCarty representing Aforementioned! It’s going to be such a great night, so we hope to see you there!

TWTKCD gets reviewed in JMWW

So happy to find this thoughtful review by Ashley Begley for That’s When the Knives Come Down in the latest issue of JMWWhere’s a peek:

Not many people admit to feeling empty, to feeling like there is something more out there. Morgan not only writes about it, he tells us straight….It is only after letting the stories seep into our bodies that we begin to grasp what Morgan is saying. And we realize that we want it; we want time that has been stolen from us. We want space to love and hate and feel….We want more. So don’t wait. Don’t let yourself get away. Start the chase—it will be terrifying, but oh so worth it.”

You can read the full review here, and order a copy of TWTKCD here.

Preorder your copy of ANATOMIES today!

Matt Bell says, “Few story collections cover so much territory, and the ones that try rarely do it so well. Intense, gorgeously written, both funny and heartbreaking, Anatomies will make its obsessions yours, thrilling you with McCarty’s unique vision of the world.”

Jac Jemc says, “The range of Susan McCarty’s stories is so wide, you won’t be able to look in every direction at once. Give yourself up to the thrill of being blindsided again and again.”

Scott Garson says, “These stories are marvels of craft and life: they follow our wordless intensities, opening naturally, from the inside out. What a collection we have in Anatomies. Can I say it again? What a collection.”

Melanie Rae Thon says, “Anatomies is a virtuoso performance by a writer unafraid to strike her readers with despair or destroy them with giddy laughter….If you long to be awakened by the glorious intensity and miraculous expansiveness of human consciousness, let these seductive, revelatory fictions transport you.”

And we say, the time has come: The presale Anatomies has officially begun! We’ve got incentives for every budget, and they cover everything from informative pamphlets to trips to New York to tours of an Iowan alpaca farm. Regardless of which you choose, you will not want to miss this book. Order your copy today!

Matt Bell weighs in on ANATOMIES

Anat_cover_excerpt_rgb_webMore great news for Susan McCarty’s collection, Anatomies!

It makes me so eager for June!

“Susan McCarty’s Anatomies is a fine debut, by a writer seemingly out to prove she can do anything, her stories as varied as they are accomplished, moving effortlessly between subjects and voices and forms. Few story collections cover so much territory, and the ones that try rarely do it so well. Intense, gorgeously written, both funny and heartbreaking, Anatomies will make its obsessions yours, thrilling you with McCarty’s unique vision of the world.”

— Matt Bell, author of In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods

Check out all the praise, as well as a synopsis on the Anatomies page, here.

Dolan Morgan’s Treatment for Writer’s Block

If you’re reading this, odds are, you’re a writer. To that end, you’re probably acquainted with writer’s block.

You’re probably also aware of the many ways in which writers attempt to stave off writer’s block.

Our very own Dolan Morgan recently shared his DIY treatment at the Story Prize blog.

An excerpt:

Now when I have writer’s block, I follow a strict regimen that I think many others could benefit from. First, I remain ever vigilant for symptoms and signs. With every new word, paragraph, or edit, I take stock of my surroundings and consider my mind and body. This must be done holistically, as things aren’t always cut and dry in life. To be safe, I go immediately into action if two or more of the following circumstances present themselves while writing:

  • Persistent checking of social media.
  • Discoloration around mouth and lips.
  • Hands that smell like chemicals, such as white out or mercury.
  • Burns, stains, and odors on my body (or even clothing, desks, laptops, and other objects in the area, especially paper).
  • Vomiting, labored breathing, drowsiness, confusion, or other deviations from my usual routine.

You can read the rest here. And, while you’re at it, you can also order Dolan’s short story collection, That’s When the Knives Come Down, here.