TWTKCD giveaway winners!

8126166641_49ff1c7815_zWe’re thrilled to announce the winners of the That’s When the Knives Come Down giveaway!

The winner of the READER PACKAGE, receiving one free copy of the additional ebook, For Promotional Use Only, is Jim Ruland!

The winner of the GENESIS PACKAGE, receiving one free copy of the first print annual of apt (wherein we published the story that launched a thousand ships, Dolan’s “Investment Banking in Reverse”): Lawrence Schwartz!

And the grand prize winner of the IMMATERIAL PACKAGE, receiving the gift of NOTHING (as generously donated by IMMATERIAL Journal): Nancy Dunetz!

Nancy correctly answered our question on Facebook:

Q: What is Jennifer Coughlin afraid her son will someday ask her?

A: What the hell were you doing when the whole world was falling apart?

Congratulations to all our winners!

If you haven’t yet, check out all the great press TWTKCD has received in the past week:

Karina Vahitova interviews Dolan at IMMATERIAL Journal 

Nothing Works Until It Does, works inspired by TWTKCD, at Sundog Lit

“Nuée Ardente,” an excerpt from TWTKCD, published at Recommended Reading

Michael Maiello reviews TWTKCD at Dagblog: “Morgan is a poet and its shows in his prose…[and] Morgan is a true original.”


It’s August 20!

Dolan’s book is alive!

You can buy it here!

And you can read an excerpt, “Nuée Ardente,” today at Recommended Reading!

TWTKCD presale giveaway!

TWTKCD_giveawayToday marks the final week to get TWTKCD for just $13, as well as all the additional presale incentives!

But, just in case that’s not enough to entice you, we’re kicking off the final week with an additional attraction: a giveaway!

Starting today, Wednesday, August 13, anyone who buys any of the presale options will automatically be eligible to win one of the following packages:

For READERS only, one lucky winner will receive a copy of For Promotional Use Only, an ebook that includes dozens of additional stories and illustrations by Dolan!

For all entrants, one lucky winner will receive a copy of the first print annual of apt (originally published January, 2011), wherein we first met Dolan via his story, “Investment Banking in Reverse,” and which includes even more illustrations by the lovely Robin E. Mørk!

For all entrants, one grand prize winner will receive “nothing,” generously donated by IMMATERIAL Journal. That’s right: nothing. Which is exciting, because you can do anything with nothing! Or maybe you can’t do anything with nothing. Let’s find out!

You may be thinking, “Hey, wait a second, I already ordered one of the presale options—what do I get?”

To be as fair as possible, we wanted to include everyone who has invested in Dolan’s book so far. For anyone who’s already purchased the book or one of the presale incentives and wants to be eligible for the giveaway, all you need to do is watch Dolan’s interview with goat farmer, Jennifer Coughlin, and answer the following question via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr:

What is Jennifer Coughlin afraid her son will someday ask her?

That’s it! All winners will be chosen at random, and announced on Thursday, August 21. And while you’re waiting to hear about the big winners, you should check out the interview Dolan recently did at IMMATERIAL Journal.

Nothing Works Until It Does


For the past two years, the fine editors at Sundog Lit have presented new work inspired by forthcoming novels and collections from great indie lit writers, and we’re honored to have Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down among them.

Starting today and continuing through August 22, Sundog will feature stories, songs, poems, and visual art from the following cast of writers:

Amelia Gray | Kyle Hillbrand | James Tadd Adcox | Molly Rose Quinn | Amber Sparks | Mark Leidner | Sean H. Doyle | Chelsea Hodson | Tom Oristaglio | Jess Dutschmann | Emily Raw | Rachel Glaser | Bianca Stone | Jess Mack | Mike Lala | Robb Todd | Sasha Fletcher | Monica McClure | Natalie Eilbert | Eric Nelson | Nelly Reifler | TK Madden

Check out the ongoing festivities here and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news coming on Wednesday to celebrate the final week of the presale!

AP 2015: Susan McCarty’s ANATOMIES


Susan McCarty

We are very proud to make the following official announcement:

Next summer, AP will publish Susan McCarty’s debut story collection, Anatomies!

We’re longtime fans of Susan’s work, which has appeared in Conjunctions, The Iowa Review, Indiana Review, Barrelhouse, The Utne Reader, The Collagist, Willow Springs, and a slew of others, including apt.

There’s so much we want to say about Anatomies, but for now, we’re going to bask in the announcement glow, and encourage you to check out two of our favorite McCarty stories: “Field Reports” and “Indirect Object.”

Also, we know we’re only halfway through 2014, but from where we’re sitting, 2015 is already looking stellar.

Midnight goings-on

There’s so much happening at AP.

We just had another great Literary Firsts reading.

The fifth issue of apt, dedicated entirely to long fiction, is shaping up to be splendid (but we’d still love to see your work in it, so send us something before Sept 1!).

We’re sending out ARCs of Liam Day’s Afforded Permanence.

Copies of Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down are on their way to us even as I type this.

And we’ll be announcing next summer’s collection very soon.

As in, in less than twelve hours.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Just one more month!

Spot for "Infestation," by the brilliant Robin E. Mørk

Illustration by the brilliant Robin E. Mørk

One month from today, Dolan Morgan’s debut collection, That’s When the Knives Come Down, will hit shelves.

Have you watched the videos he’s been making for each story in TWTKCD?

Have you RSVPd for the book launch?

Most importantly, have you checked out the great presale incentives? There’s something for every reader and every budget, and no matter which option you choose, within mere weeks, you will hold your very own copy of Dolan’s collection, replete with illustrations by the amazing Robin E. Mørk (see: right).

BOTTOM LINE: Get on now—you are the perfect height to ride this ride.

More interview goodness from Dolan, now at Electric Literature

Dolan doubled his efforts for the second round of interviews to bring you two subjects for the price of one story!

You can read Dolan’s video effort for “Euclid’s Postulates,” which features two interviewees: a cruise ship employee and a tow truck driver, once again yielding poignant results.

CONCLUSION: Dolan Morgan’s got a heart of gold.

IMPLICATION: You should order his book, That’s When the Knives Come Down.

Dolan’s Infestation interview, now at Electric Literature

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 6.04.11 PM

For each story in That’s When the Knives Come Down, Dolan has interviewed a relevant party and made an accompanying video—for “Anatomy of the Monster,” he’s interviewed a mayor, for “Infestation,” he’s interviewed a goat farmer.

The “Infestation” video is now up at Electric Literature, so go check it out, and learn why sitting in a pasture with goats might make you “instantaneously feel better.”

Don’t forget that you can still pre-order Dolan’s collection (and there’s even a goat option, if you feel so inclined).

That’s When the Knives Come Down – A Very Special Presale

dolan_two_booksYou can pretty much order any book from any publisher at any time. We know this.

But can you order a book and an extra illustrated ebook of bonus stories from just any publisher? Probably not. What about a book and a goat? No, of course you can’t. Maybe you know where you might be able to get a book and personalized and illustrated product erotica? Shh. You don’t even need to answer. We guarantee you can’t get that elsewhere.

Today, you can order these things (and more!) from Aforementioned because we’ve harnessed the undeniable and unique brilliance of Dolan Morgan to bring you a multimedia, multispecies extravaganza.

Oh, and you can also have a private book-destruction party with Dolan if you’re into that sort of thing…and have $10,000 to spare.

Click here to order copies of That’s When the Knives Come Down and so, so much more. We’ll starting shipping books and assorted Dolan paraphernalia in late August.

While you’re waiting for your book and/or goat and/or product erotica to arrive, you can watch this book trailer:

Book trailer by Dolan Morgan, with music by Will Aronson.