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by Susan McCarty

“Intense, gorgeously written, both funny and heartbreaking, Anatomies will make its obsessions yours, thrilling you with McCarty’s unique vision of the world.”
— Matt Bell, author of In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods

In language both captivating and honest, McCarty reveals the ways we use our bodies to confront our hidden selves.

apt: issue five
The Long Fiction Issue

Due out in January 2015, our fifth print annual celebrates long fiction.
Featuring: Colleen Cable’s “The Farmhand,” Elizabeth Chandler’s “Evergreen,” Kendra Fortmeyer’s “The Exposed Nest,” William Hillyard’s “Liberty Bonds,” and Matt Jones’s “The Kissy-Faced Cha Cha.

Afforded Permanence

by Liam Day

A collection of poems inspired by MBTA bus routes

“You will not regret tuning into this soundtrack of lyric transit and visitation.”
— Simeon Berry, author of Ampersand Revisited

That’s When the Knives Come Down

by Dolan Morgan (with illustrations by Robin E. Mørk)

“Unpredictable, wry, seductive, and breathtaking. The mysteries here are not metaphors, and Dolan Morgan’s worlds are not created in the service of our humdrum one. These places shimmer, expand, contract, blur, and somehow remain whole all the while.”
— Nelly Reifler, author of Elect H. Mouse State Judge
At once absurd, harrowing, and inimitable, That’s When the Knives Come Down establishes Dolan Morgan as the writer whose voice will supersede your inner monologue and expose your roiling inner turmoil.

apt: issue four
The Surveillance Issue

“Unlike other postmodern efforts, where the oddity and ambiguity may permit dodging the meaningful and the political, the writers of apt experiment, yes, but with a careful and brilliant purpose.”
— Mary Florio, NewPages
Freedom, politics, government, human rights, war, equality, justice, and the search for individual identity in an increasingly homogenized world.

Underlife and Portico (second edition)

by Michael Lynch
Winner of the 2013 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize!

“Michael Lynch’s poems are pure vision: language becoming image becoming language again. This is a book of poetry you’ll return to as many times as God has names.”
— Rusty Barnes, author of Breaking It Down and Redneck Poems

apt: issue three

“[apt] has great breadth of voice and style. This issue soars.”
— Tripp Reade, The Review Review
Featuring work by Christian Anton Gerard, Delaney Nolan, Andrew Plattner, Alexis Pope, Nate Pritts, and more!

apt: issue two

“Filled from cover to cover with strong, daring pieces… There’s not a single selection in the issue that fades into the background.”
— Sarah Carson, NewPages
Featuring work by Maureen Alsop, Lindsay Coleman, Clayton Michaels, Lam Pham, Noel Sloboda, Russ Woods, and more!

They Used to Dance on Saturday Nights
by Gillian Devereux

“When I finished this collection I could practically taste the pale pink sugar of the carnival cotton candy machine. I wanted to lick my sticky-sweet fingers clean.”
— Leesa Cross-Smith, Sundog Lit
Mermaids, headless girls, Ferris wheels, women aflame. Bears who dance (or used to) and crowds who pay to watch. Whether you’re here for the conjoined twins or the trapeze artist, you’re bound to find yourself somewhere in Gillian Devereux’s sideshow.

apt: issue one

“With the breadth and caliber of the writing showcased in its inaugural print issue, apt promises to become a valuable contributor to the restless and ever-evolving literary scene of today.”
— Michelle Bailat-Jones, Necessary Fiction
Featuring work by David Bartone, Shannon Derby, Dolan Morgan, Vincent Scarpa, N. A’Yara Stein, and more!