Pre-sale for Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction

Earlier this year, we announced the first volume of Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction, a new anthology of flash fiction edited by Megan Giddings, and we’re so proud to open the pre-sale and show off the cover! With art by Anuj Shrestha, and design by Jon Cameron, you’ll definitely want to order this handsome volume for your shelf!

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In the spirit of the holiday season, we want to express our deep gratitude to all the donors who have supported Forward so far—if you’d like to donate, you can keep us moving full-steam toward the anthology’s release!


Announcing Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction

Writers, readers, friends, neighbors, strangers, everybody: we’re proud to announce a new series of books dedicated solely to flash fiction by writers of color! Spearheaded by Megan Giddings, editor at The Offing and Boulevard, Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction is a new print anthology of flash fiction and craft essays, and we’re publishing the first volume next March!

Want to help us get started on this exciting project? Know someone whose work would be perfect for the anthology? Or just want more information? Head over to the call for submissions to check out the FAQ!