TWTKCD in The Great 2014 Indie Press Preview

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That’s When the Knives Come Down got a great write-up on the Electric Literature site, thanks to Michael Seidlinger (for curating the list) and Eric Nelson (for writing about Dolan’s fantastic book):

If any book could compare to a twelve-ring circus with its author in the roles of ringleader, barker and headlining clown it would surely be Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down, a story collection that uses the absurd to show us what truly makes us human. While some authors pose questions to the reader through thinly veiled narrators, Morgan’s work burrows into the reader’s psyche only to linger long after the last page asking not only “What else is behind this?” but “What else is behind you?”  The unparalleled voice of this debut is surely one that will be copied, but not replicated by future writers.

Check out the entire list, which has tons of other books that sound sensational, and many familiar names, including apt contributors Russ Woods and Molly Gaudry.

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