That’s When the Knives Come Down – A Very Special Presale

dolan_two_booksYou can pretty much order any book from any publisher at any time. We know this.

But can you order a book and an extra illustrated ebook of bonus stories from just any publisher? Probably not. What about a book and a goat? No, of course you can’t. Maybe you know where you might be able to get a book and personalized and illustrated product erotica? Shh. You don’t even need to answer. We guarantee you can’t get that elsewhere.

Today, you can order these things (and more!) from Aforementioned because we’ve harnessed the undeniable and unique brilliance of Dolan Morgan to bring you a multimedia, multispecies extravaganza.

Oh, and you can also have a private book-destruction party with Dolan if you’re into that sort of thing…and have $10,000 to spare.

Click here to order copies of That’s When the Knives Come Down and so, so much more. We’ll starting shipping books and assorted Dolan paraphernalia in late August.

While you’re waiting for your book and/or goat and/or product erotica to arrive, you can watch this book trailer:

Book trailer by Dolan Morgan, with music by Will Aronson.

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