Cover reveal: Krysten Hill’s HOW HER SPIRIT GOT OUT

Summertime is lovely at the AP office. Being near Boston puts us close to the beach and we take advantage of that.

But honestly? Aforementioned is more of an autumn/winter. You can tell from our schedule: we tend to shine in the cooler months.

We have some really exciting projects ahead: in November, we’re producing White Rabbit Red Rabbittickets are on sale now!—and in December, we’re publishing Krysten Hill’s debut chapbook, How Her Spirit Got Out. We’ve been working with Krysten for years, as a contributor at apt, a reader at Literary Firsts, and now on HHSGO, so we’ve been so happy to see her work grow during that time.

And now that we get to shine it up and present it to all of you, Carissa may have gotten a bit carried away in designing the cover.

Or, shall we say, covers:



Keep your eyes peeled for presale news for how you can get your own copy (maybe one in each color?)—more details soon!

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