Dolan’s Infestation interview, now at Electric Literature

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For each story in That’s When the Knives Come Down, Dolan has interviewed a relevant party and made an accompanying video—for “Anatomy of the Monster,” he’s interviewed a mayor, for “Infestation,” he’s interviewed a goat farmer.

The “Infestation” video is now up at Electric Literature, so go check it out, and learn why sitting in a pasture with goats might make you “instantaneously feel better.”

Don’t forget that you can still pre-order Dolan’s collection (and there’s even a goat option, if you feel so inclined).

That’s When the Knives Come Down – A Very Special Presale

dolan_two_booksYou can pretty much order any book from any publisher at any time. We know this.

But can you order a book and an extra illustrated ebook of bonus stories from just any publisher? Probably not. What about a book and a goat? No, of course you can’t. Maybe you know where you might be able to get a book and personalized and illustrated product erotica? Shh. You don’t even need to answer. We guarantee you can’t get that elsewhere.

Today, you can order these things (and more!) from Aforementioned because we’ve harnessed the undeniable and unique brilliance of Dolan Morgan to bring you a multimedia, multispecies extravaganza.

Oh, and you can also have a private book-destruction party with Dolan if you’re into that sort of thing…and have $10,000 to spare.

Click here to order copies of That’s When the Knives Come Down and so, so much more. We’ll starting shipping books and assorted Dolan paraphernalia in late August.

While you’re waiting for your book and/or goat and/or product erotica to arrive, you can watch this book trailer:

Book trailer by Dolan Morgan, with music by Will Aronson.

TWTKCD in The Great 2014 Indie Press Preview

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That’s When the Knives Come Down got a great write-up on the Electric Literature site, thanks to Michael Seidlinger (for curating the list) and Eric Nelson (for writing about Dolan’s fantastic book):

If any book could compare to a twelve-ring circus with its author in the roles of ringleader, barker and headlining clown it would surely be Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down, a story collection that uses the absurd to show us what truly makes us human. While some authors pose questions to the reader through thinly veiled narrators, Morgan’s work burrows into the reader’s psyche only to linger long after the last page asking not only “What else is behind this?” but “What else is behind you?”  The unparalleled voice of this debut is surely one that will be copied, but not replicated by future writers.

Check out the entire list, which has tons of other books that sound sensational, and many familiar names, including apt contributors Russ Woods and Molly Gaudry.

Upcoming events (and working on TWTKCD)

Sexy margin checking.

Sexy margin checking.

Sometimes, the main AP site gets neglected since we’ve got regular schedules for apt and Literary Firsts, but we’re hoping to change that this year. We’ll soon be posting news about Dolan Morgan’s collection, That’s When The Knives Come Down (due Aug 20, 2014) and Liam Day’s collection, Afforded Permanence (due late fall, 2014).

But first, a little news about the book that helps us kick off every year: apt‘s print annual.

We spent a lot of 2013 working on apt‘s fourth installment, which turned out to be our first themed issue. You can get the lowdown on The Surveillance Issue, and read some excerpts, here. And if you’re in Boston, you should join us next Saturday when we’ll be celebrating the latest issue at Brookline Booksmith!

Also, just two days later, we’ll be at Middlesex Lounge for the next installment of Literary Firsts! Featured readers include Alysia Abbott, Rodney Wittwer, Carolyn Zaikowski, and our very own, Carissa Halston.

If you’re not in the Boston area, worry not—you can still score a copy of apt‘s fourth issue from SPD or directly from us, and keep your eyes on this spot because we’ll soon have the first glimpses of the cover of TWTKCD, info on the presale, and all sorts of other exciting news.

Distribution and titles and a sexy new colophon

We’ve got a ton of great news to share, dear readers, so sit back and we’ll get right to it.

Earlier this year, we announced that AP is officially a non-profit organization (we even bought to celebrate). With that announcement, we mentioned that we hoped to have a bigger announcement about our next project: releasing full-length books. We spent a good portion of the summer waiting for/fretting over the news that would allow us to start that next project.

So, finally, here it is:

We have nationwide distribution!

Our books will be distributed through SPD, which means our titles will be available in bookstores across the country. And, speaking of titles, that brings me to the most exciting piece of news: our forthcoming catalog.

In 2014, we will publish three books. In late January, we’ll bring you the fourth print annual of apt, and in summer and fall, respectively, two full-length debuts: Dolan Morgan‘s  short story collection, That’s When the Knives Come Down and Liam Day‘s poetry collection, Afforded Permanence.

You may recognize Dolan’s and Liam’s names from their work in apt (they were both in our Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 10.48.59 PMfirst print annual and they’ve since had work online with us as well). We’re immensely proud to have them help us usher in AP’s next endeavor. To celebrate, we’ve designed a slick new colophon that will dress up all our future books (see right).

So keep your eyes on this spot in the coming months for updates about our 2014 catalog, and if you’re a bookseller, librarian, or reviewer interested in getting an advance copy of any of our forthcoming books, you can contact us directly at info AT aforementionedproductions DOT com